Small House Homestead Nesting Box Details

I received some questions requesting more details and pictures about how we prepared our nesting boxes.  Here is the scoop.

Single Nest box empty-before

The nesting box, before.

In the past I used stray or hay in our nest boxes but since we have several bags of wood shavings on hand that is left over from wood projects, my husband decided to try shavings this time.

Bubblewrap inside USE

Step one; bubble wrap as liner.

Kathy the Chicken Chick uses a neat looking, washable, vinyl nest box liners she purchases on-line.  I brainstormed using bubble wrap since I have so much of this wrap left over from my art gallery days. I really like the idea of a washable and reusable liner but for now, I will go with what is free. I will simply replace this as needed.

Shavings inside USE

Step two; Add absorbent wood shavings (no wolmanized wood used.)

We gently molded the wrap to the size of our nest boxes and added the wood shavings. Easy peasy!

Nest boxes-shavings-sand USE

The completed boxes from inside the coop. We are using sand as litter.

Wood shavings (dust extracted, not sawdust) is one of the most popular bedding materials for chickens, ducks and other poultry as they are relatively cheap and very absorbent and easy to use. Shavings keep smells down and reduce ammonia in the air from droppings that can cause respiratory damage and eye problems.

Shavings also provide insulation from the cold ground during harsh winter weather.

Be very careful when rearing young chicks or ducklings on wood shavings, wood shavings can kill ducklings because they will eat them when they are young. If shavings are introduced after 4-6 weeks, they are less likely to eat them than when they are newly hatched

We pick up the girls tomorrow and we will have to see what the girls like. I will keep you posted!

Small House Homestead chicken keeper, Donna


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