Hauling Sand for our New and Improved Chicken Challet

Yesterday we picked up the sand for our new and improved chicken coop I am calling, “The Chicken Chalet.”

Truck in front of sand piles USE

A mountain of sand sits waiting behind a 16 wheeler truck for filling.

Our coop is so close to being completed it’s really hard for me to not post a picture of it yet (coming soon though, I promise.) We have to put on the final roof board on top, hang the horseshoe (for good egg laying luck of course) screw on the top to the egg laying box and attach the chicken “gangplank” and I think it’s a roll.

Pile and metalthings USE

A pile of washed sand for sale.

This has been a fun project to build together. I did the research, designed the coop, sourced the repurposed materials, and painted the pieces and parts. Gene was the main contractor. He has never built anything like this before so it was a mostly “trial and error” project that took him almost five months of on and off work. For me it was an exercise in patience, because I tend to want projects done now!

Aggregrate sign and plant USE

Aggregate Industries, The Pullman, Michigan branch.

But he did a great job overall and like I said more than once, ‘So a corner needs a shim…no problem, not to worry, it’s just a chicken house not our forever home!’

Gene standing in trailer USEjpeg

Gene standing in the trailer and shoveling sand into the pile.

We ended up hauling this sand ourselves, using a borrowed trailer, after we found out that to hire a dump truck would run $100.00 just for the delivery. And this is in spite of the sand and gravel company being less than two miles way from us. YOUCH!

Pile of snad on tarp USEjpeg

A bout a yard of sand sits on a tarp. This will be covered with another tarp to keep the cats out of it.

Our yard of washed sand cost us less than $9.00 and our hard labor, which is priceless!

Coop pictures of “The Chicken Chalet” and our adopted hens to follow soon, so stay tuned!

Soon to be chicken keeper Donna at The Small House Homestead



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