Evil in Eden (A Homesteader Needs to Get Away)

One thing about homesteading that might surprise you is how much deep rest and time off an aging homesteaders needs. To get that I’ve found I have to leave paradise!

Gene relaxed smile USE JPEG

Gene and our trained bird dog, Sassy, pose at the Wilderness park sign.

Some folks feel that life on the homestead is all about sleeping in, setting your own schedule, taking time off when you want to because you are no longer punching a clock from 9 to 5. In some ways that is true as we are our own bosses and decide when we work and when we quit…but I personally have never worked harder, or longer hours, in my life!

Boulder and bay USE

This Sturgeon Bay scene shows the typical shrubby ecosystem found in Michigan’s up north geography. This is our favorite place to run our dog.

I’ve discovered there is a flip side to “Eden” and that there is always work waiting to be done and rest is a commodity that it’s hard to find time for on the homestead. (There is a bit of evil in Eden after all! Lol)

Lickens on bolder close USE JPEG

I am fascinated with the beautiful patterns in this amazing boulder full of lichen.

When there are animals to feed and gardens to dig, the spring rush followed by the harvest time is always short and precious. And now that winter is just around the bed there is so much to be done there is no sleeping in or beach sitting for me. How about you?

Gene fishing w Sassy in camo waders

Gene did a bit of fishing in Lake Michigan, but saw no fish.

Our days are long here on the Small House Homestead, especially if we want to keep up our property (and we do) and we want to keep adding new projects each season (ditto.)

Zigzag shorelineJPEG

My kayak nestled in the grasses and reeds of lake Michigan We were blessed with three calm days.

So this fall we took five days off and took a short camping trip for some much-needed rest. We drove the five hours to Wilderness State Park (near Mackinaw City, Michigan) for some rustic camping, reading and wave watching. I found that I was so exhausted once there that all I had the energy for was sitting in my bag chair, reading and listening to the waves. I only kayaked once.

Cabin nestled in greenery USE

This “our” cabin. This is the 8th year we have stayed there and we have begun to think of it as ours.

Sunrise penninsula NICE

A spectacular sunrise….what a way to greet the day!

Best wishes from Donna from the Small House Homestead

4 thoughts on “Evil in Eden (A Homesteader Needs to Get Away)

  1. You post rings so true with us, the moment you do sit down you eye falls on yet another job waiting! We now have Sundays off (after the chores) to walk down the beach, hang out in a cafe, visit the library, visit friends. It seems such a paradox that relaxation is only achieved away from the place you love most. Great post!


    • Thank you for reading our blog. Your statement about it being a paradox is so, so true. It is hard to admit that we have to leave our home in order to rest, but this is our reality right now. I hope for a way to find a “helper,” perhaps an apprentice or renter who will help with work in liu for lower cost rent. Still looking at our options. I am hoping that this “conversation” will not only open a dialog about this issue for homesteaders, and perhaps bring more options or solution forward.

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